Welcome to Mephibosheth Ministry 

 "So Mephibosheth ate at David’s table as one of the king’s sons." 
"He was crippled in both feet."
ll Samuel 9:11 - 5b

Presenting God's word and His love to people who face physical and mental disabilities world wide. 

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The goal of Mephibosheth Ministry is to help bring people with disabilities, their families and the body of Christ into personal relationship. Just as David accepted Mephibosheth into the royal family of ancient Israel, even though he was disabled, we want to see this often forgotten part of society fully accepted into the Church.

David accepted Mephibosheth because of his promise to his best friend Jonathan. It didn't matter that he was disabled, or that he was the grandson of king Saul, who had tried over and over to kill him. David saw his best friend's son standing before him.

Our best friend is One who gave His life so we might live with Him in heaven. Jesus stands beside each person who faces life with a disability asking that we accept and love each one. He asks us to share His love and way of life that ALL may have the opportunity to know Him.

Mephibosheth Ministry offers help and encouragement to people affected by disabilities, their family and friends, as well as churches and other believers who choose to reach out and share His divine love and prayers for their lives.

Please note: We have recently changed our catalog prices to better serve you!

Mephibosheth Ministry strives to bring you the best quality special needs curriculum at the lowest price possible. After evaluating our prices we have decided to charge below value for our curriculum. In other words Mephibosheth Ministry will cover part of  the costs of printing and mailing in order to provide these inspired books to as many special needs folks as we can. From now on costs will be set as a "suggested donation". This is a huge leap of faith for Mephibosheth Ministry, but God is able to provide for us and we believe this decision will bring this curriculum to as many more churches who want to have a special needs ministry. We are here to help you grow your special needs ministries, call or write us for further information.

It was the 50th anniversary of Berean Bible Church in Spokane.  Bud and I began attending there in its' fourth year.  When we were invited to work at ISI (International Students INC), Berean Bible Church in Spokane were our sending church.  They supported us for the 13 years we worked at ISI.  Then when Mephibosheth Ministry was born in 1992 they picked me up and have supported me faithfully through this ministry.

Many of us who have moved out of town returned for this 2 day celebration.  It was such fun getting caught up with old  friends and hearing what all the other children were doing who grew up with our kids.

Note: Special announcement from Mary Jane Ponten.

When Mary Jane steps into the arms of Jesus, Annie and Vonnie

will be well trained to step into the leadership.

Pictured from left to right -Annie Walters - President of the board, Mary Jane Ponten - co-founder, executive  director, and Vonnie Nichols Secretary.