Mephibosheth Ministry’s Church Relations Department... was introduced in 2009 to help churches minister with and to people who have disabilities. 

Tait Berge is its director, and he says, “I am passionate that every person with a disability has the right to hear the gospel and be able to serve Jesus Christ. People want to serve rather than to be served, and I want to encourage the church to use people who have disabilities’ gifts and talents.” If you or your church would like to have Tait meet with you or would like more information, please drop him an email.

The vision of the Church Relations Department:

To see that people with disabilities are not only attending, but also participating and serving Jesus Christ within their local church and/or other Christian organizations.

The mission of the Church Relations Department:

“To encourage the Body of Christ to not only accept but also to use people who have disabilities’ gifts and talents.

We do this by:

  • Providing disabled etiquette training
  • Working with people with disabilities and their churches to find a place where they might serve
  • On-going training

Here is a blog post I would like to share with you about our director Mary Jane Ponten!