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What we do 

What we do – Mephibosheth Ministry has developed, often in partnership with others, books, bible studies, seminars, conferences and various events to help local churches identify and reach out into their local communities and encourage those families.

Our Mission

The mission statement of Mephibosheth Ministry – is to
encourage and equip the local church of Jesus to reach out into their communities and minister the gospel of Jesus to those families who have been affected by a disability.


Started in 1992 by Mary Jane Ponten, a retired 62 year old widow with cerebral palsy and John Nix, a father of twin daughters with cerebral palsy, found a great need to communicate to others, churches, schools and community groups, the importance of reaching out to families that have been affected by disabilities and bring to them the love, care and compassion of the good news of the gospel of Jesus. Over the years, Mephibosheth Ministry has been active in over 28 countries bringing this good news to parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles the hope that is available to them through local church communities.

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Mephibosheth Ministry
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P.O. Box 1061, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903-9900

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